Speakers Information

The scheduled time for each oral talk is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions, answers and discussion.
Each work (Id number) has been assigned a presentation code which identifies the day, the session and the slot corresponding to the oral talk. Such a code appears as:
XX denotes the Day (Mo=Monday, Tu=Tuesday, We=Wednesday, Th=Thursday)
Y denotes the location of the session within the day [1=early morning (8.30-10.10), 2=late morning (11.20-13.00) , 3=early afternoon (14.50-16.30) , 4= late afternoon (16.50-18.30)]
ZZ is a code given to distinguish different parallel sessions occurring at the same time and it is link to the session room
J denotes the particular talk within the session. Then, for example, J=1 denotes the first talk of the session
Example: the presentation Mo 1.12.3 is on Monday , early morning, session 12 , third talk (starting at 9.10)

The presentation file can be uploaded directly by the presenter in the designated session room at least 4 hours before the beginning of the session. The file compatibility can be checked in the Presentation Preview Room (Palazzo del Casinò, first floor, June 25- 28 from 08.00 to 17.00). In each room a computer with Windows 7, MS Office 2010 suite and Acrobat Reader will be available. To avoid any technical problem with projectors, speakers are also advised against the use of Macintosh computers.


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